Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Vis Com 6 Finals!

In this class instructed by Scot Drake, we were told to render a scene from a given sentence. These images below are conceptual pieces that i came up with. The given sentences are found below the images...please enjoy!...=D

A headless alien rider docks in the carnivorous forest.

A sleek haz-mat team propels past the crystal fields.

The ambulance bursts through the wall of the burning building,
onto the rain drenched streets, as bullets ricochets off the pavement.

Fiery meteors pierce the black clouds and slam into the erupting
volcano sending chunks of exploding cosmic rock and bursts of
streaming magma around the prehistoric landscape as the flesh-ripping
raptors fight the hungry pterodactyl.

Flaming Circus. The fire spread quickly up the side of the circus tent, along the ropes supporting the tight rope walker, then swept like a fiery wave across the big top, dropping flaming sheets of canvas on the panicked crowd of acrobats, clowns, elephants, horses and patrons, running madly for the exits.

The famous Fokker Ace was closing in on his tail when I looked straight up and saw something I had never seen before dive out of the clouds above them.

Something goes terribly wrong in the mad scientist's laboratory.

High Speed Chase: Dragon Ball

With the northern lights dancing and shimmering above them,
the slender ice bridge gives way with a deafening CRACK!
and the climbing party plummets into the gorge, toward the
outstretched claws on the monstrous polar bear.

All hell breaking loose in the saloon.

Catapults hurled their flaming payloads through the sky and
arrows rained down upon the warriors bearing the massive
battering ram, as they charged the heavy gates of the castle.

Heaven and Hell: We as humans are the pawns and prize of the spiritual battle.

My Architecture Design 2 Midterm





My Architecture Design 2 Final

Power Core

Control Room


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shrimp and Goby!

My First Post!

with special thanks to Jeff Turley!